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Regional Theater Valerio Antonio Jiménez in Marinilla

Site that will be the epicenter of large cultural events, the total capacity of the theater is 782 people (529 in the stalls and 253 in the box) and the total built area is 2,103.49 meters. It is also equipped with a stage with stage, clothing and stage pit, rehearsal rooms, individual rehearsal modules, electromechanical mechanisms for lighting bar, outdoor terrace, projection room, dressing rooms among others.

Regional Theater Valerio Antonio Jiménez in Marinilla

i4DIGITAL participated in the design and installation of:

  • Theater lighting by means of 16 linear lamps of 12 meters each at an average height of 10 meters.
  • 453 Electrical Outlets (lighting and power).
  • Shielding system.
  • Supply and installation of 37.5 KVA transformer
  • 30 Telecommunications outputs (voice, video and data).
  • 95 outputs for the fire detection system (Sirens, Command Stations, censors).
  • 15 Cameras for the closed circuit television system.
  • 234 LED luminaires installed.
  • Fiber optic installation between telecommunications rooms.

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